Clinician Career Tracks

    Advanced Training and Rehab places the highest emphasis on furthering the education and skill set of clinicians on staff. We fully support and promote the continuing education of our employees. We offer a multitude of programs to support and encourage the development of our clinical staff. This allows each individual to customize choice so that individual is able to achieve their career goals.
    Formal Mentor Program:
    Each therapist joining our company has an assigned mentor to assist with the transition from school or a previous career with Advanced Training and Rehab. Your mentor and you will meet a minimum of 1 time per week for a regularly scheduled hour in addition to working together in the clinic.
    Orthopedic Residency/Fellowship Program:
    The Advanced Training and Rehab plan of study is approximately 18 months long.
    The Residency curriculum includes 5 components.
    A. Foundational Prep courses designed to prepare you to sit for the board exam and
    be successful
    B. Mentorship and clinical practice
    C. Musculoskeletal and blended management courses
    D. Online Courses
    E. Capstone Projects, Case reports, OCS Prep
    The curriculum is designed to maximize flexibility and the use of technology to provide the resident with a quality learning experience.
Accepting Applications Beginning 2/1/2017
    Board Certifications:
    This Program is designed to provide an experienced therapist a track to obtain board certification. It is similar to a fellowship, but spread over a longer period of time to allow for a full work schedule and the normal demands of life.
    Advanced Certifications:
    We fully support clinicians in their quest for a broad array of advanced certifications related to the treatment of orthopedic conditions.
    Partnership Program:
    For therapists that want to take the next step, we offer a path to clinic ownership through partnership. This allows the clinician to continue to practice what they are good at and provides them the support to have and own a successful business.
    For a new Therapist, your schedule starts at a pace appropriate to your experience and ability levels. We do not have productivity requirements, rather we use hard schedule limits, so you will not have too many patients scheduled. This ensures the quality of care remains as high as possible. As you learn and develop your patient load gradually increased.
    To send your resume please fax to 314.434.6066 or email jim@atr-stl.com