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About Us | Advanced Training and Rehab

Why do people choose Advanced Training and Rehab? Because of who we are. Our culture is rooted in our vision, values, and purpose, all of which guide our daily actions and behavior. Since we opened in 2000, we’ve been providing the highest quality physical therapy services to patients, helping them recover from sports injuries, orthopedic conditions, surgical procedures and more. We have since opened several locations all across the St. Louis area, bringing our excellent care to the entire community.

Our patients are our top priority, and through our customized treatment plans, we strive to help each person reach his or her full recovery potential. If you are in need of physical therapy services, choose Advanced Training and Rehab for your recovery and experience where service meets care.

Our Vision, Values, and Mission

Our Vision

We aim to be the highlight of our patients’ day at a time when they are hurt. Our clinicians work to assist each person in recovering to their full potential.

Our Values

Every employee at Advanced Training and Rehab honors and practices our company’s core values.

  • Service
    Our team of clinicians is here to serve you – our patient. We help you understand the process with professional guidance.
  • Integrity
    We hold ourselves to the highest standards in physical therapy services and care to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.
  • Teamwork
    We work together with our patients and staff to create a collaborative environment that allows you to participate in your own recovery while receiving the best care.
  • Excellence
    We strive to provide our patients with excellent care to help them reach their full recovery potential.
  • Humility
    Although we offer excellence in physical therapy services, we are always striving to be better and work to ensure every patient experience is the best it can be.
  • Compassion
    Every person is treated with patience and understanding, because we know the journey to recovery isn’t always easy.
  • Adaptability
    Life is always changing, but we won’t let it stop us. We work through treatment plans, always making adjustments where needed, to provide the best recovery.
  • Balance
    We believe in the importance of physical therapy treatment being combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Our Purpose

Our purpose at Advanced Training and Rehab is to inspire our patients’ healing through a combination of education, trained skills, and positive reinforcement.

Advanced Training and Rehab

“The positive attitude at Advanced Training and Rehab helped me stay on track and perform at a higher level. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Olympic Gold Medalist - Decathlon/Long Jump

“I have been to physical therapy following my first knee surgery. The care I received with Advanced Training and Rehab was second to none and has helped me return to my play on the PGA circuit.”

Jay Williamson
PGA Professional Golfer

“My experience with Advanced Training and Rehab enabled me to prolong my professional hockey career following a serious ankle injury.”

Jim Campbell
Tampa Bay Lightning

“I was in the MLB for a longtime and have had my share of injuries over the years. If you are looking for a top notch sports related rehabilitation, Advanced Training and Rehab is your answer.”

Bruce Sutter
Major League Baseball, Pitcher - Hall of Fame, 2006