Largest Locally Owned & Operated Physical Therapy Company in St. Louis

Why Become a Physical Therapist at ATR?

Are you considering a rewarding career in the field of physical therapy? Look no further than Advanced Training and Rehab. As a locally owned and operated company with 22 clinics in the St. Louis and Cape Girardeau areas, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding physical therapy services and fostering an environment where therapists can thrive. Learn why you should be part of our team today.

Mentoring Program and Unlimited Continuing Education

We believe in investing in the growth and development of our therapists. Our comprehensive mentoring program pairs you with experienced physical therapists who will guide and support you throughout your career journey. Additionally, we offer unlimited continuing education opportunities to ensure you stay at the forefront of your field.

OCS-Residency Program

Elevate your expertise with our Orthopedic Clinical Specialist Residency Program. This intensive 12-month program provides hands-on mentoring, interactive didactic training, and valuable clinical experience. Become an OCS-certified physical therapist and position yourself for enhanced career opportunities.


Advanced Training and Rehab is owned by physical therapists who understand the importance of a collaborative and supportive environment. Join a team that values open communication, idea sharing, and a team-based approach to enhance patient outcomes. Work alongside like-minded professionals who inspire and motivate you every day.

Varying Clinical Career Paths

We recognize that each therapist has unique interests and aspirations. At Advanced Training and Rehab, we offer varying clinical career paths that allow you to explore and specialize in the areas that ignite your passion. Whether it’s sports rehabilitation, geriatrics, or any other specialty, we are here to support your professional growth.

Join Us Today!

If you are passionate about helping others, making a difference, and pursuing a career in physical therapy, Advanced Training and Rehab is the perfect place for you. Join our team of dedicated professionals, where your expertise will be valued, and your contributions will have a meaningful impact on the lives of our patients.

  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • 22 clinics across St. Louis and Cape Girardeau areas
  • Mentoring Program
  • Unlimited Continuing Education
  • OCS-Residency Program
  • PT owned
  • Team Based Approach and Environment
  • Varying Clinical Career Paths

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” I absolutely love working for ATR! From day one, I’ve been impressed by the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment. The culture here is second to none, with a tight-knit team that genuinely cares about each other’s success. One of the things that truly sets ATR apart is its dedication to employee growth and development. Whether it’s through ongoing continuing education, mentorship opportunities, or encouraging innovative thinking, they invest in their employees’ professional growth. This has allowed me to not only excel in my current role but also envision a promising future here. Furthermore, our company’s values align with my own, particularly when it comes to patient care. Knowing that we’re making a positive impact on our patients and our community makes me proud to be part of this team. In terms of work-life balance, my company understands the importance of maintaining harmony between our professional and personal lives. This flexibility has been a game-changer for me, allowing me to thrive in both realms. Overall, working for my company has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience. I’m excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and am grateful to be part of such an amazing organization. ATR is truly the best Physical Therapy company in St Louis, and I’m proud to work for St Louis’s largest private practice”

– Alex B.

“When you work at ATR you have the opportunity to thrive in an atmosphere that encourages learning and growing as a therapist. The supportive team environment and dedication to patient care make it truly a fun and fulfilling place to work.”

– Cayla S.

“Working for ATR offers the opportunity to work for the largest homegrown Physical Therapy family in St. Louis. I truly believe there is not a better place to grow as a person and as a health care provider”

– John C.

“Family oriented, local company with ample opportunities for professional and personal advancement.”

– Brent S.


"John C. is the best PT guy in America. I have sent about 50 people there and their reviews are the same. I would not consider any other option. They had me back dramatically quicker than I was supposed to be. I wish I was as good at my job as they are theirs."

Frank Cusumano
Sportscaster, KSDK-TV; Sports Talk Radio


“The positive attitude at Advanced Training and Rehab helped me stay on track and perform at a higher level. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Olympic Gold Medalist - Decathlon/Long Jump


“I have been to physical therapy following my first knee surgery. The care I received with Advanced Training and Rehab was second to none and has helped me return to my play on the PGA circuit.”

Jay Williamson
PGA Professional Golfer


“My experience with Advanced Training and Rehab enabled me to prolong my professional hockey career following a serious ankle injury.”

Jim Campbell
Tampa Bay Lightning


“I was in the MLB for a longtime and have had my share of injuries over the years. If you are looking for a top notch sports related rehabilitation, Advanced Training and Rehab is your answer.”

Bruce Sutter
Major League Baseball, Pitcher - Hall of Fame, 2006

Bruce Weber

“As a coach, I took a great deal of pride in having a positive relationship with my players and staff. From the first time I walked into the Advanced Training and Rehab Kirkwood location, I felt a special positive energy from all the staff members. Doing physical therapy or a work out is never easy, especially when you are recovering from surgery or an injury. A smile, a friendly conversation and positive support make a difficult task seem a much easier to accomplish! After 3 months of physical therapy I highly recommend the TEAM at Advanced Training and Rehab Center. The staff is knowledgeable and cares about each of their clients.”

Bruce Weber
Former Head Men's Basketball Coach SIU, Illinois, Kansas State, USA Basketball

Chris Kerber

"ATR is not just a place you go to rehab an injury or recover from surgery. It’s a group of dedicated physical therapists who cares for each patient with personal, knowledgeable and experienced care. When physical rehab is required for me or my family, I request ATR because I trust them explicitly. They have cared for me for over 20 years – shoulder surgery, back surgery, and other weekend warrior injuries. They have cared for my wife and three active and athletic daughters. Brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews use them because of that level of trust and care. You have a choice in your post injury care. Tell your doctor you want to go to Advanced Training and Rehab for your care like I do!"

Chris Kerber
Blues Radio Play-by-Play Broadcaster