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Maximizing Insurance Benefits at the end of the year.

The year 2020 has presented unique challenges unprecedented to any other. Many of us feel disjointed from our “regular” routines with the changes brought from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our bodies have physically taken a toll with working from home, mask-wearing, and altered diet and exercise routines. As we wrap up this year it is the perfect time to think ahead about how we can reverse the damages done and prepare for a fresh start in the new year!

Health insurance benefits are generally more rewarding towards the end of the year IF you know what your plan includes and how many services you have utilized throughout the year. Open enrollment periods in the fall mean you have the opportunity to alter your coverages in order to maximize your hard earned benefits.

Additionally, the clock is reset on December 31* so that all deductibles, out of pocket limits, and federal/state coverages are started anew. Make sure you have taken full advantage of your benefits for the year before they expire!


Maximize Your Met Deductible

Many insurance plans are structured so that the beneficiary pays up until a certain dollar amount – at which your insurance will provide full or partial coverage. Deductibles vary in amount but once met are a great opportunity to seek elective or maintenance treatment.

If you have met your deductible for the year it’s the perfect time to check in with a Physical Therapist about that nagging ankle injury or the crick in your neck that won’t go away. Your deductible will restart with the calendar year, meaning all medical expenses will cost you out of pocket again until that amount is met.


Reep What Is Yours – FSA Dollars

If you contribute to a FSA (Flexible Spending Account) as part of your insurance benefits, those dollars will also expire at the end of this year. An FSA is a savings account that comes out of your regular earnings, tax free, and can be used towards qualified medical expenses.
A Physical Therapy co-pay is an acceptable expense to put your FSA dollars towards. Do not let the money that you’ve already set aside for healthcare expenses go to waste!


Choose PT First

Because of the closures of physician’s offices, stoppages of elective surgeries, and social distancing guidelines resulting from COVID-19, many people with pain or joint issues have had appointments or surgeries delayed. If you have been affected in this way but have not yet met with a licensed Physical Therapist we welcome you to a free assessment at any of our Advanced Training and Rehabilitation locations.

Physical Therapy is a proven and cost-effective way to manage all types of injuries and health concerns. Working with a Physical Therapist can provide you with the understanding of your body’s specific needs to recover. If you are considering a surgery, have been delayed or altogether want to avoid invasive measures, check with your Physician about beginning a course of Physical Therapy.


Don’t Wait!

The year is coming to a close along with some potential cost-saving opportunities to rejuvenate your body through Physical Therapy!

If you have met your deductible or have FSA dollars left, the time to act is now. Start the new year with a fresh start for your body by seeking Physical Therapy today!

* Note: Not all health insurance plans will reset on 12/31/2020. Check with your provider for more information.

Author: Danielle Leonard, PT DPT


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